Mayhene was second, but first to guide

Taking the form of two moons, one face

Roaming the skies with a heavy stride

Leading to true love, once they gave chase

Others tears at the end of the ride

But none were important as the race


Mayhene taught to go travel and map

The map of life, made the map of death

With every joy and every mishap

Connection complete, with your last breath

But growth will never end and entrap

And now you will know our shibboleth


Mayhene does not bar any belief

To accept all cultures is the way

Truth comes from all, is the sound motif

Open your arms, we will always pray

Letting go of plans, brings you relief

Have faith in Mayhene and always stray


From the Silver-lining Journal

-Mayhene guide your fate


Photo by Daniel Olah


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