All the colors. Each has its meanings of personality and trait.


Red is the color of passion. Love or hate, both full.

Yellow is the color of warmth. The sun on a smile, both shine.

Blue is the color of deepness. Mystery and tragedy will be discovered eventually.

Green is the color of life. For nature and people, green strength of life or lack thereof.

Orange is the color of boldness. For who else would choose orange as their favorite?

Purple is the color of richness. Complexity and excitement together in one.

Black is the color of a quiet room. Left alone, emptiness reigns.

White is the color of purity. Full of one thing, but what?


All the middle colors. Like their parents but a step in between the lines.


Silver is refined. Age and jewelry, more alike than you think.

Gray is blandness. Trying to be like others leaves you as no one.

Pink is a blush. Embarrassment and flattery both brighten your cheeks.

Brown is the earth. And I don’t see anything wrong with getting a little bit of dirt on you.

Teal is something new. It can scare and make you grow, yet everyone claims to want it.

Tan is a mix. Never quite sure if it has a shade of pink or blue it it.

Gold is empowerment. But seemingly never enough.

Maroon is strength. Strength of will.


There are always more colors. As every eye sees a different shade.


Crimson, like blood. Fear its shedding.

Blonde, like hair. A touch of sun light contained.

Navy, like jeans. A classical clothing in a modern world.

Pine, like trees. Sharp and spicy, a color that can be touched and smelled.

Bronze, like metal. Intelligence and perseverance invent new pieces.

Violet, like purple. Are you certain they aren’t the same?

Obsidian, like stone. Darker than black somehow.

Ivory, like teeth. Less or more white?


All the colors can never be defined. Yet we will never stop trying.


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel.


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