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The joys of online radio  


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31/08/2021 8:31 am  

Radio is an age phenomenon that has changed its shape and characteristics over the years, from the single transistor radio in the late 1940s to the MP3 players we have today. With technology changing every day, it is becoming increasingly important to have a portable way of listening to the latest shows. The advent of online radios is a great response to this topic. Here you can get the latest news about the various stations, and in-depth information about their structure and program format. There is no need to download any software to listen, just your new updated internet browser.

To get started, you just need to click on the name of the particular radio station, or the logo to start the broadcast. When you have finished listening, you will be prompted to choose the stream to listen to. Most online radios these days come with a free radio station of your choice to listen to. There are usually at least 3 main streams available for selection; Country / Western, Jazz, Rock, and Traditional. Streams can be easily selected, by category or frequency. It will also ask you where you want to stream, either from your computer or from your mobile phone.

A good online radio comes with a number of features to help you personalize your radio station listening experience. Most online radios come with a built-in set of digital sound processors, compressors, and equalizers. These processing units take analog audio signals and convert them into digital data, which is then stored on your hard drives. Most also have streaming capabilities, allowing a constant stream of data to be sent to a listener. This makes it possible for a listener to listen anywhere in the world at the same time, without interference from other outlets.

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