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I am the infamous Laurainne de Marque  


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21/06/2019 2:54 pm  

By definition, infamy is about being famous for something horrible. When I was in high school, I just thought it meant being famously unnoticed. I titled myself infamous all the time then. Laurainne de Marque literally translates to the Mark of Laurainne and I would draw a fancy L on all my things and giggle at my wordplay.

I began using my nickname instead of my given one then. Do you know how difficult it is to switch to a nickname you weren't given by others? Extremely. Laurainne was my French name for Lauren and I loved it. It's just Lauren with a little bit of rain, and rain is so nice. As a child, I always felt left out as the only one within the family who didn't go by a nickname. When I started college, I decided that would change. I did fairly well, I had a few oopses and introduced myself as Lauren, but since the majority called me Laurainne, I got them sorted out.

The problem was whenever I went home. People who have been calling you one thing for your entire life will always think of that name first until they use your nickname for a longer period of time than your given. For me, I would have to get everyone to call me Laurainne for 20 years before it would truly stick in their mind. With all my family, extended family, friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances there are that know me, that is an impossible task for an introvert.

I really do understand how difficult it is since I have friends who tried to change their names. It is really weird when they use completely different names. I'm not even good with remembering names in the first place. But I can at least try to remember these names as long as they try to remember mine. And when they mess up, I get to butcher their name as well. That is really satisfying.

So I probably spent too long explaining my name, but oh well. My name is Laurainne and this is my site/blog. My interesting fact is that I have an obsession with foxes, and I know what the fox says.


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