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Online Radio Station Business Opportunity  


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One of the most popular hobbies of the 21st century is online radio. Millions of internet radio tunes every day, from small pod casts, web logs and community radio shows to big networks like Sirius and XM. Internet radio can also be used as a marketing tool for your business, as listeners often make instant judgments about a business based solely on the type of online radio advertising they hear. Internet radio is also starting to become more mainstream, with the addition of commercial tones and songs in recent shows. While you don't need to have your own radio show to play online radio, if you are serious about creating an internet radio show, there are a lot of things to consider. For example:

How will the audience be able to listen to your radio show online? Some Internet radio stations are very easy to navigate and offer a free trial. Others get paid, while still others need money to subscribe. With the plethora of potential online radio stations available, choosing your ideal medium should be fairly easy.

An important consideration is whether your internet radio station will have enough listeners to warrant a positive citation. Online music quotes, like those from live radio broadcasts, are frequently awarded the first week of each month, with a minimum daily listenership of 200. If your weekly stations target listeners do not meet this requirement daily minimum, the station is not considered a good candidate for a citation. In order to receive a positive citation, your station must consistently attract listeners over the course of a month with steady increases in listeners over one or two weeks. If the amount of daily listeners decreased after the first week, the station is not a good candidate for a Web Cast citation required.

Once you've found a potential host for your on-demand internet radio show, the challenge of getting that teardown and running. Internet radio hosts usually rely on simple computer skills and personal equipment. If you are technically motivated, you may want to consider using software to manage your online radio show based on your computer. A good program will help you stream audio files to a website using simple RSS format files and automatic file submission. In addition, it will handle all the technical elements involved in broadcasting your online radio, including email submissions to various web directories, scheduling broadcast times, etc.

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