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The Hobbit  


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21/06/2019 3:41 pm  

The Hobbit was my favorite book for my mother to read to me. She claims she probably read it 13 times over many years to my sister and me and I don't doubt her. I loved all of Bilbo's adventures from his awkward dinner party to his accidental heroics. It is a brilliant story of an unexpected hero. I still love the book as an adult and I can get more out of reading it for myself now. The movies for the book are even more amazing since the studio added in scenes written but not published in the book. When a studio has a different writer write the screenplay for a book, it becomes quite clear that it is not the same author. Reading is all about promises, and those movies let us down. While I do have nitpicky concerns about Tolkien's world (mostly concerning Gandalf), I will always love The Hobbit.

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My younger siblings enjoyed having it read to them too.

  JRR Tolkien was born in 1892, was taught at home as a young child, which should make him a homeschooler.  Reading at the age of 4, writing soon after.  Loved languages, including made up ones.


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