3.5 stars out of 5


If you have read the book, rather than just the movie, you know that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is not really a classical stand-alone story. It is an add on to J. K. Rowling’s world. The movie is a completely new story and takes the information in the book a step further.


A Nerdy Perk


The book is meant to be a nerdy perk for fans who want to know a bit more about magic. Rowling put together a manifesto of creatures shown in her previous stories and new ones. Each beast is explained in looks, appearance, and character in a somewhat scientific way. There is also an explanation of the classifications and gives you some insights into the Ministry of Magic. A brief history really, but it adds some meaning.


I wasn’t engrossed in the book, but I still enjoyed the read. It made me laugh and wonder about what else could be out there. It is very creative and makes me want to write my own fantastical beasts.


From the Voice of a Hero


So, technically this is a book I did not read. I listened to it on YouTube. Sometimes I can find audiobooks there that are a real treat. Most of YouTube’s videos are of classical books or very unknown and raw stories. So I don’t browse YouTube very often. I still prefer reading a book physically. Not only does it smell better, but I can look at all the pictures at my leisure. And I know that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a treasure trove of artwork. So I still want a hard copy to see those.


I was also pleasantly surprised that the reader was none other than Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne is the actor who played Newt Scamander in the movie. Scamander is also the claimed author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He is an integral part of the story. Although Scamander is odd…no, actually that is why I like him. I enjoy the British accent and his character is endearing. There are audiobooks that I have listened to where the reader butchered my imagination. Sometimes the way they say it or sound like just ruins my images in my head. But having Redmayne read the book was brilliant. I got to fangirl just a little and be pulled into Rowling’s world all over again.


The book is short, so I will keep my review short. This book may not have much meaning to those who haven’t read Rowling’s books, but for fans, it is an additional treat.


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