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Jeff Wheeler has written quite a few books that I like, but the Legends of Muirwood is my favorite series. It begins with The Wretched of Muirwood, then The Blight of Muirwood, and ends with The Scourge of Muirwood. There is a second series within the same world but continues on in the distant future with new characters called the Covenant of Muirwood.


A Story of Faith


The world of Muirwood combines the adventures of a fantasy novel with the power of faith. Most books will put religion in as an addition, but here it is foremost, and I love it. The common battle between good versus evil takes on higher stakes as the principles and goals of the Maston order are explained. Kingdoms fall, good people die, and retribution claims all.


I actually get really excited reading these books as I find connections with my own religion. Although Lia’s world and situations are vastly different from my own, I can’t help but feel encouraged to walk my own path. It is a story told for fun, and I enjoy the adventure, but my soul is nourished as well as I read of insights and parables. This whole series could be considered a parable in itself. The little quotes in between each chapter can sometimes be really deep and I find myself referring to them later. “It begins with a thought” and “trust the medium” have new meanings to me.


The Hardships of Trust


This series is not a lighthearted one in essence. Lia is constantly given the short end of the stick for reasons that don’t seem important to me. I mostly talking about her love life. Like most of my loved stories, the romance impacts the characters greatly, but is a side story when compared to the plot. I think its funny that I actually hate Colvin in the beginning. But he is simply one of those people who do not trust easily and hides much of their feelings. He grows on me as Lia delves into his heart.


Despite her broken heart, the hopelessness of her station as a wretched, and the unfairness as she discovers secrets of her family cannot break Lia. Her trust in the medium isn’t constant, but she never gives up. And in the end, blessed mercy is shown to her which makes it all worth it in the end.


For fear of spoiling things and getting overexcited I’ll leave my comments there. Just know there is a lot more I have to say on this series and I would love to talk with you about them after you have read the books yourself, which I highly encourage everyone to do.



Books in the Legends of Muirwood Series

These books by Jeff Wheeler can be found on Amazon to buy or read in kindle unlimited.


1. The Wretched of Muirwood

Lia the wretched gets involved with protecting a maston by accident but accepts the responsibility which comes with heavy strings attached.


2. The Blight of Muirwood

Corruption is everywhere, the princess of Pry-Ree is found, and Lia’s new station as the Abby’s hunter puts her in the role of protector once more.


3. The Scourge of Muirwood

The Medium pushes Lia to unleash the blight in a world which does not wish to be saved, but not until everyone has been given the chance to hear the warnings.


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