3 stars out of 5


The Origin Mystery series by A. G. Riddle is many things. It is a thriller, science-fiction, cyberpunk, war story, armageddon tale, romance, and fictional history all wrapped up within mystery. The title suggests that it is mostly a mystery novel, but I think there is more sci-fi in the works. Especially as the books progress. There are three books in the series and there is a lot packed into each one.


Stuffed Tight


Starting the series out wasn’t bad. There was a lot going on, but the action was intriguing, leaving a lot unsaid with romantic scenes to slow things down and get personal. It was a good promise and so I kept reading.


So on to the second book. Things only get weirder as the story progresses. Plot twists and hidden agendas begin to make the story confusing, but since this is a mystery, everything will be sorted out in the end yes?


The third book was harder to read but I was already invested. I’d hate to spoil things as the story starts out so simply (comparatively) but everything is explained in the end, but it still doesn’t make much sense. These are fairly short books compared to what I normally read, but the story reads as if it should be ten books longer. The pace is almost always fast in one way or another and the explanations are always convoluted. It was a good idea for a plot, but there is so much going on that it becomes truly overwhelming.


The Origin of Humanity


Now, I did enjoy the books to a degree. I’m glad the plot was fast. I was never bored. I just didn’t like the explanations. I enjoy thinking about how people would survive in cataclysmic disasters (the survival part, not so much the disaster). The big mystery is the origin of humanity and genetics that I don’t understand, mixed timelines, and technologically advanced outsiders make up the answer.


I think part of the problem is that the ideas were so far fetched from what I believe. I am a Christian but I don’t mind reading stories of other theories. But when those ideas are so unbelievable and confusing, they become fake stories.


While I know this is a work of fiction, as a writer, I believe you should write them as if they are true. That is part of what makes a good story. But the Origin Mystery was so out there that I couldn’t connect to it as a whole. It didn’t make sense to me and was alien. I liked the characters, the plot was promising, but the world explanations were terrible.


I realize that I have mostly talked about my problems with the books when it is good writing. I gave them three stars which translates to “they were okay books”. When I am shopping for new books, I don’t generally look for the just okay books. But my opinion may be different from yours. I do know there are people that love these books. You may be one of those.


If you like crazy science-fiction/mystery/thrillers, you may love these books. What is the harm in trying?


Book Order

Three books or one set.


1. The Atlantis Gene

The geneticist Kate Warner and agent David Vale slam into each other and try to figure out what is going on.


2. The Atlantis Plague

The world is threatened and the past may be the only answer for the future.


3. The Atlantis World

Everything comes together as mysteries are explained while the heroes strive to keep the world safe from external enemies from surprising sources.


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