Fictional Truths  –  Where Words Create Worlds

This is my blog where I write short stories for you to read freely. These stories are fictional but contain many truths within them. I’ll also include some tips and tricks about writing and share my favorite readings with you. I hope to encourage the love of words here with good information, new stories, and conversation. Words create worlds that we can all take a turn to live in by simply turning a page.


There is something you can do here every day.



  • I include my favorite quotes to inspire you on Mondays.
  • I gather together my research and experience to teach you something on Tuesdays.
  • Story posts are updated on Wednesdays.
  • On Thursdays, I get to tell you about my favorite books and authors.
  • I return to stories on Fridays as there are never enough of those.
  • Saturdays are days for socializing, even introverts need some. Check our Facebook Group.
  • Sundays are for reflection and reading. Nothing new will be posted, but much can still be learned.

*Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts are postponed while I work on a novel this year.*


About Me

My pen name is Laurainne Caswell. I suppose I can still call myself a young adult in my twenties. I am a writer, but I was a reader first. Fantasy is my preferred genre but I test those bounds when good books come my way. I have always devoured words and now I get to create some. I originally got a degree in architecture, but it took up too much of my time and I returned to my true love. I’m not a perfect writer but no one really is. Come back in a week and you’ll see my progress.


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